Sunday, February 07, 2010

Leafs Brian Burke is Dealing with the Biggest Loss Of His Life!

     On a night when the Toronto Maple Leafs had one of their best wins of the season, they were actually dealing with their biggest loss.  As we all know by now, Brendan Burke, the 21 year old son of Brian Burke was killed in a traffic accident on Friday.  Reports say the accident was caused by snowy road conditions in Indiana.  A passenger, 18 year Mark Reedy, also lost his life in the tragedy.
     As a husband and father of two wonderful children I can't describe the torment the Burke family is trying to endure.  I can say, as a parent, losing a child is my greatest fear.  Nothing could hurt more than the news the Burke family received on Friday.  As such, I would like to add my thoughts and prayers, to the growing list of people, not just fans, offering their condolences.
     As trivial a hockey game is, at a time like this, I should say I was proud of my Toronto Maple Leafs last night.  The games still must be played and somehow Leafs players and management must find a way to go about their lives and jobs with some perspective.  Last night the players did just that.   In a 5-0 win against the other Ontario team, Leaf players paid tribute to their boss by playing with their hearts.  Phil Kessel, Luke Schenn, and J.S. Giguere are all players Brian Burke has shown rock solid support for in more ways than one.  Even Giguere, a Leaf for only three games, has reason to be grateful for Burke's loyalty and support.  Fittingly it was these three players who lead the charge in showing their support for the Burke.  Kessel and Schenn both had two goals and Giguere responded with his second shut-out in as many games.  Giguere probably put it best after the game when he said,
"I think our goal here is to make sure that Burkie and his family don't have to worry about us."
     Hopefully for all concerned, the Leafs can continue like this.  With the state of the media hounded franchise, and the upcoming Olympics, Burke and his family have a huge burden to deal with over the coming weeks.  Time is the only cure for what ails the Burke family presently.  Let's hope they're be left to deal with their grief without the interruption of non-important matters.